System integration

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With Sage X3, it’s possible to integrate systems through different methods, such as REST APIs, SOAP APIs, GraphQL, text files, XML files, among others. Additionally, Sage X3 has data mapping and conversion features to facilitate system integration, allowing different systems within the company to exchange information in an automated and error-free way.

System integration in Sage X3 is an advantage for companies that need a comprehensive and flexible enterprise management solution that can easily integrate with other systems and solutions used by the company, providing a more complete and unified view of business processes.

  • Sage X3: a complete solution for your company

    Sage X3: a complete solution for your company

    Sage X3: The complete ERP solution for business management, scalable and highly customizable. With financial, inventory, and project management, as well as customized reporting and easy integration with other systems. Contact us and boost your business with Sage X3.