Sage X3 Integration + Amazon SES

Continuing from the last publication about the Notification Service, in this article, we will explain the integration of Sage X3 + Amazon SES.

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is a cloud-based email service that many companies and industries use to facilitate communication with their customers via email.

On the other hand, Sage X3 is a powerful ERP that can manage customers and the entire production of a company or industry through workflows and automation.

Within X3, we can configure it to consume the Amazon SES service through the Notification Server.

Creating a notification server in Sage X3

Access the Notification servers menu, fill in the Name, Description, and select the integration type for AWS Simple Email Service.

In the Access Key and Secret Access Key fields, we will fill in the SMTP Username (access key) and SMTP Password (secret key) of Amazon SES. Please refer to the Amazon help documentation if you need more information.

As a prerequisite, the region needs to be enabled in Amazon, and access in Amazon IAM must be configured for the SMTP user. Make sure the user has the sendRawMail permission in your user’s permission policies.

Sage X3 Integration + Amazon SES: Amazon SES Permission Policy

The list of regions can be accessed in the SMTP Region section of Amazon. Look for the name of the region that corresponds to your endpoint.

Other information includes the sender email authorized on the SES server and the Subject, which in this case, we will use the default “sage” theme.

Notification Server screen in Sage X3, with fields filled in with data for AWS SES

Testing the email sending from the notification server

After saving the configuration with the Amazon data, you can test the email sending by accessing the “Test Configuration” menu on the right side.

In the window, enter the recipient email and select the previously created Notification server.

Screen for sending the test email in the Sage X3 notification server configuration

After click in ok button, check if the notification confirms the sending, and then check the inbox and spam folders of your test recipient email.

Sage X3 email sample from Notification Server.

With this, we conclude the configuration of the new Sage X3 Notification Server with Amazon SES.

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