How to increase the line limit for additional invoice in Sage X3

How to increase the line limit of the additional invoice in Sage X3

Usually when working with complementary notes in the ERP Sage X3 Brazilian Legislation (activity code XQBR), there are some configurations that we usually don’t change, this is the case of the additional invoice in Sage X3 (function GESXQSADD).

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Generally, the standard limit of the Brazilian legislation in Sage X3 ERP is set at 100 lines. This is done for performance, functionality, and business reasons, but we can configure it in the best way for our customer.

When a customer uses documents with more than 100 lines to create a complementary note, using the default parameterization, they may see an error on the screen:

app1.cliente.local@X3CLIENT.TRT/XQDOCCOR$.adx(230) Erro 8 : Índice incorrecto TEXTE
app1.cliente.local@X3CLIENT.TRT/XQDOCCOR$.adx(230) Erro 8 : Índice incorrecto TEXTE

How to change line parameters When the above error occurs, it is an indication that we need to adjust the Complementary Note parameterization in X3.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Access the system’s general menu;
  2. Access the Development category;
  3. Navigate to the Dictionary treatments group;
  4. Access the Windows function (GESAWI):
Development menu, Dictionary treatments, Windows (GESAWI)

Now, in the window registration, you need to search for the registration of the XQOSADDI window (Complementary note).

To do this, simply search for the XQOSADDI window code in the left filter, and select the object that we will change.

Create a tunnel to the XQSADDI2 screen, in the additional invoice lines tab, by clicking on the context menu (three dots in the field) of the corresponding line, and then tunnel, as shown in the image below:

Cadastro da janela de Nota Complementar sage x3

With this, it will be possible to access the XQSADDI2 screen.

In the XQSADDI2 screen registration, look for the General tab and the list with the Blocks. Within it, there will be a specific line for a Frame type block, whose ACT (activity code) is XQBR.

Look for the line column and change the numbering to the desired value. The recommendation is that the values ​​be incremented as needed for the business.

In our example, we will change it to 1000 lines.

Screen dictionary, screen XQSADDI2 (Additional invoice lines).

Saving Window Changes in X3

To successfully complete the configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Save the screen;
  2. Click on validation in the XQSADDI2 screen registration;
  3. Exit the Screen Registration (GESAMK) so that you can return to the Window Registration (GESAWI);
  4. Save the changes in the window;
  5. Access the Validation right menu and then Global Validation.

With these steps, it is now possible to use the additional purchase invoice or additional sales note with a line quantity greater than the system’s default.

If you have any questions, please contact us, so we can take advantage of your X3’s potential.



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